About Minox Technology

Minox® Deoxygenation

– First system delivered in 1991
– To date more than 30 systems delivered worldwide
– 8 Oil majors operating Minox Systems
– ExxonMobil has approved the technology for Hebron project

Why Minox® Deoxygenation?
– Water injection often used in IOR
– Most common is the use of raw seawater
– Seawater contains amount of dissolved oxygen
– Oxygen must be removed in order to prevent
– Corrosion in pipes and equipment
– Bacteria growth in the reservoir
– Ways of deaerating water
– Vacuum
– Fuel gas stripping
– Minox Deoxygenation

Minox® Seawater Deareation
– State of the art technology for IOR water injection
– The most efficient and compact solution available
– Up to 70% weight savings compared to traditional deaeration technology
– Gas stripping process – nitrogen
– Operates on positive pressure
– Achieve low levels of oxygen without the use of oxygen scavenging chemicals
– Field proven – 20 years of experience

Minox® Technology AS
– Minox Technology AS established January 1st, 2013
– Fully owned company of Agility Group AS in Norway
– Offices in Notodden, Oslo and Houston
– Core team of 22 employees, responsible for:
Design and Engineering, Fabrication, Sales and Marketing