Code of conduct

All Minox Technology employees shall, through their conduct in meetings and when interacting with colleagues, clients, suppliers and authorities, maintain a strict personal integrity and act in accordance with the company’s prevailing requirements and regulations.

All members of the organization shall:
• Respect governing laws and regulations
• Act in good faith, shall not misuse confidence or act disloyally
• Not accept or partake in corrupt or unacceptable business transactions or any other unacceptable actions
• Not partake in actions regarded as harassment of sex, age, race, religion or sexual orientation
• Contribute in making the organization a workplace where respect, openness, trust and honesty are important
• Utilize their experience, competence and infrastructure in such a way that the owners’ and clients’ expectations are met
• Assist in ensuring that all deliveries from Minox Technology are associated with the correct quality, on time delivery, and with a high standard of HSE

All Minox Technology employees shall only accept remuneration or gifts of symbolic value. Each employee will have to consider/judge conditions and situations which occur and seek guidance from his/her superior, if one is in doubt whether there is a possibility that the situation may be considered unethical or may lead to a conflict of interest.
All Minox Technology employees are obliged to report any possible conflicts of interest or any apparent breaches of company ethical norms. All reporting will be handled with confidentiality, and normally transmitted through the immediate superior. If circumstances make this difficult, it is always possible to approach the company’s Managing Director.

Employees have the right to report situations considered as unethical or which may lead to a conflict of interest, and he/she shall be protected from retaliation by Minox Technology or by any Minox Technology representative.



Minox employees and all our subcontractors are entitled to conduct their work in a safe and healthy environment. We have a zero incident philosophy and we strive to meet this target on a day to day basis.
We shall achieve our goals by:
• Making our managers aware of and clarify their responsibility regarding health, safety and environmental aspects, quality assurance and personnel management
• Supplying managers and key personnel with necessary training and education
• Communicating with all employees in an open and honest manner
• Developing the technical and management capabilities within our organization
• Selecting and recruiting new employees with respect to both competence and behavior to ensure necessary awareness, expertise and growth


Human Resources

Minox Technology’s policy is to take care of its personnel and give them a safe and healthy working environment where everybody is challenged to do their best, where all persons are looked upon as important and valuable, and where we take care of and develop our personnel both professionally and personally.

Our personnel is our most important resource, and we will:
• Trust people and provide them with the authority and means to perform
• Agree upon challenging, fair, realistic and clear performance targets
• Give just and reliable feedback
• Encourage and facilitate career and competence development for employees
• Focus on and accept sharing of competence, experience and infrastructure


Through robust work processes, methods and knowledge of these, Minox Technology ’s vision is to ensure quality in all deliveries, and thus be considered amongst the best, and win contracts.

Our quality management system shall ensure correct quality on Minox Technology’s products and services to meet prevailing requirements and ensure that our certification licenses are maintained and followed up in a satisfactory manner.
Minox Technology requirements to risk management shall contribute to achieving our quality policy goals.

Our activities shall be performed:
• In compliance with requirements set by contractors, the corporate management, international and national legislation
• With focus on continuous improvement of work processes and quality in the delivery chain to meet requirements from contractors and authorities
• In accordance with goal-oriented improvement processes
Minox Technology shall:
• Maintain and continuously improve the quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements and other implemented standards
• Ensure that employees receive necessary information and training in order to understand and work in compliance with the prevailing quality management systems
• Ensure systematic work to prevent errors and undesirable events from being repeated

Quality certifications

Minox Technology is certified in accordance with NS-EN ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007. Minox Technology is registered in Achilles and is certified according to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and Achilles.