Minox at FPSO World Congress


Minox Technology participates at the FPSO World Congress in Singapore. 

Minox will have a stand at the FPSO World Congress and give a presentation regarding possible challenges in using oxygen scavenger chemicals in injection water.

Excess use of oxygen scavenger chemicals in injection water is associated with increased souring in oil reservoirs, which presents challenges including health and environmental risks, as well as added material expenses. Oxygen scavengers may play a key role in the growth of sulfate reducing bacteria, which is involved in one of the main mechanisms behind reservoir souring. The Minox process removes oxygen from seawater down to around 10 ppbw, which should eliminate the need for oxygen scavenger.

For more information:
Knut Hvidsand
VP Business Development
Mobile: +47 91 32 31 32
E-mail: khi@minox.no

Published: 2015.09.29