Innovative solution for gas dehydration

Dry Gas Layout

Minox®DryGas – Compact Unit for Gas Dehydration

Minox Technology AS has developed and patented a new and innovative solution for gas dehydration. The system is named Minox®DryGas.

Together with Statoil ASA and the Norwegian Research Council, a project has been established for building of a test unit and perform test of the system’s functionality and performance. The project is supported by the Norwegian Research Council (Demo 2000) with 5,3 million NOK The test will be executed at Statoil’s test center at K-lab, Kårstø Norway in 2017.

In the planned pilot test, Minox and Statoil will demonstrate the performance of the compact and energy-effective dehydration concept. The purpose is to qualify the system for commercial use. The system include innovative use of static mixers together with a compact high tech separator design. Execution of the pilot is a great advantage for Minox for future commercialization of the Technology.

Minox®DryGas benefits

All raw natural gas is fully saturated with water vapor when produced from an underground reservoir. Because most of the water vapor has to be removed from natural gas before it can be transported and commercially marketed, all natural gas is subjected to a dehydration process.

Existing dehydration units for natural gas consist of large contactor towers, absorbers, where the wet gas reacts with glycol (TEG) as it passes through the absorber. The absorbers are sensitive to movements of the installation, which particularly is a problem on floating installations. The contactor towers extends through multiple topside decks, they are three times as heavy, they require larger volumes of TEG and the energy consumption is considerably higher than the Minox®DryGas concept. Minox Dry®Gas will significantly reduce the demand for weight and space in offshore installations.

Minox®Drygas is based on mixing TEG into the gas using static mixers with a two stage separation process. Initial tests have shown very promising results and this project with Statoil will confirm the process values in a full scale test.

The Minox®DryGas technology is an internationally ground-breaking innovation compared to existing technology, and Statoil consider the system as an essential and important step towards enabling subsea gas dehydration. Minox Technology is very satisfied having established the partnership with Statoil and the Norwegian Research Council. Statoil adds the project expertise and implantation capacity.



Published: 2016.08.12