New Gas-Dehydration Technology

Minox Technology has successfully tested New Gas-Dehydration Technology.

After a successful large-scale testing, Minox Technology is now ready to launch a new, patented, Minox®DryGas technology for dehydration of gas. A new product in the Minox compact family is then realized.

The Minox®DryGas system uses compact, proven components as state of the art static mixers and scrubber technology, designed and built into small compact modules.

The Minox®DryGas system reduces the size and weight by 50 – 70% compared to conventional contactor towers. Height, footprint and weight reduction have significant benefits for offshore Applications.

The system will require less TEG in circulation than conventional contactor towers at optimized process conditions. This will again give a reduction in size, weight and energy consumption of the TEG regeneration units. The system also has a very low pressure drop.

The large-scale test of the Minox®DryGas system was conducted, together with Statoil, at Statoil’s K-Lab at Kårstø in March/April 2017. The test was partly funded by the Norwegian Resource Council’s Demo2000 program. The test results were very convincing, and the Minox®DryGas technology was consequentially approved by Statoil to be ready for first commercial use. The technology is obviously well suited for greenfield projects, but due to the system’s design and flexible installation methods, it is very well suited for the brownfield market including upgrades, extensions, performance improvements etc.

Minox Technology is looking forward to introducing this unique, compact technology to the market enabling further CAPEX and OPEX reductions for our Clients.

Minox Technology will then have the following product Portfolio:

  • Minox®Compact (2 stage water deaeration system)
  • Minox®Tower (tower based water deaeration system)
  • Minox®DryGas (gas dehydration system)
  • Minox®Service (24/7 service and operational support):
  • Start-up & Commissioning
  • Upgrades
  • Spare parts
  • Training
  • Inspection / Maintenance / Remote Monitoring

Minox Technology is today serving over 30 installations of water deaeration systems worldwide.


For more information, please contact:

Bjørn Einar Brath, CEO
Minox Technology

Cell phone: +47 915 56 210.


Published: 2017.06.21