Minox deoxygenation

The Minox Deoxygenation process is a gas stripping process where ultra pure nitrogen gas is used to remove dissolved oxygen from water without the use of oxygen scavenging chemicals. The nitrogen gas is continuously circulated and regenerated in a closed loop. To remove the oxygen in the nitrogen gas, a catalytic combustion process is applied.

The Minox process can be designed to meet any practical demand for reduction of oxygen content in water, and is recognized by the industry as the most efficient way to deoxygenate water. The process operates on positive pressure (booster pumps can be eliminated), and the system requires small footprint and height.

Deoxygenation Process

Minox process for deoxygenation is as state of the art technology for removing oxygen from water before it is reinjected into reservoirs.. … more.

Deoxygenation Products

Depending on the type of contacting method applied between the nitrogen gas and the water, two different types of Minox Deoxygenation systems can be delivered, Minox®Compact and Minox®Tower…. more.

Projects & References

Minox Technology shall be the preferred water injection provider for operators worldwide by focusing on state of the art deaeration technology… more.