Depending on the type of contacting method applied between the nitrogen gas and the water, two different types of Minox Deoxygenation systems can be delivered, Minox®Compact and Minox®Tower. Both systems can be taylor made in accordance to the customers’s specifications.



A key process feature of this Minox deoxygenation system is the method of contacting the nitrogen stream with the water. This is done in static mixers where co-current turbulent flow is achieved, producing highly efficient mixing of water and gas, simultaneously stripping the dissolved oxygen from the water – to very low concentrations. The Minox®Compact edition doesn’t require any scavenger chemicals.

The low system weight combined with flexible and skid mounted design allows for efficient tailoring in accordance to the customer’s specifications. Each unit can be tailor made to fit into a given space which makes it possible to install on existing platforms, or when conventional deaeration systems are being upgraded. In such cases, the process will not only enable injection water volumes to be increased with a reduced oxygen content, but the need for scavenger chemicals is eliminated or greatly reduced, as well as saving fuel gas for stripping.


The Minox®Tower

Based upon the same basic principle of cycling and purifying nitrogen gas, the Minox®Tower system offers a competitive alternative to vacuum and fuel gas deaerators, yielding a very low residual O2 content. In this system the contacting between the nitrogen stream and the water is done through counter–current flow over a packed bed of structure packing. The system can operate under atmospheric, or a few bar pressure. The danger related to using natural gas as stripping gas is removed. Reduced weight and lower operational expenditures are among the other product advantages.

It is even possible to convert existing vacuum or fuel gas towers into Minox®Tower. Vacuum tower conversion into a Minox®Tower makes it possible to obtain up to 50 % increase of water flow through the tower. The system allows for a residual O2 content down to 20 ppb or less, without applying scavenger chemicals. Next to that lower operational expenditures and increased discharge pressure are additional advantages. By converting a fuel gas tower into Minox the danger related to fuel gas as stripping gas can be removed, additionally unnecessary waste of fuel gas can be avoided.



The Minox®DryGas

One of our current new developments is Minox®DryGas, an innovative, compact and lightweight system for dehydration of natural gas. The new technology, based on static mixers and high tech separation, will replace the existing, old technology based on high and heavy contactor towers.