During the last 25 years, Minox has continuously improved our technology and updated the system design to provide our customers with state of the art solutions. We have several generations of our systems in operation today.

We are actively working on upgrading all our systems to 4th generation systems which have the following features in place:

  • Cyclonic internals in the separator vessels
  • Improved compressor type and design
  • Improved control of the fuel injection
  • Improved chemical reactor control

Upgrading the older generation systems to 4th generation technology gives the following advantages:

  • Reduction of maintenance requirements
  • Quicker start-up times
  • Fully automatically controlled systems
  • Reduced chemical requirements

In order to “find the generation of your system“, please look into our reference list that you will find under Products and References.

Contact our service department for more information:
E-mail: service@minox.no